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Eros and Aphrodite

For my beautiful Butterfly on Valentines Day.


Eros stands upon the tower wall.


Far below the city moves,

and the wheel turns gently on it’s path.


Determined to seek,

inspired to find.

His heart beats with one desire–


The vision of his sweet Aphrodite.


His gaze finds rest on a delicate sight,

dimly seen…through an open window.


His Venus lies on a bed of white.

Satin dancing in the flame borne light.

Her body exposed to the coming night.


Naked but not ashamed.


With the blessing of Cupid, he draws his bow.


An arrow flies,

and falls.


Piercing the heart of Love.


Eros leaps!

Racing over rooftops,

sliding, climbing.




He stops outside the open arch.

Waits to be invited in…


“Come to me my lover…”


“May our hearts be joined as One

and Eternity hear,

that I am Yours, and You are Mine.”

by Jacques Rothmann