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Blazing River



I feel a fire within –


a spark ignites my heart

and floods my soul.


The Burning peace Engulfs my being.


But the flame flitters and fails –


an icy grate drains like a bottomless pit

choking ashes leave me panting.


With Cold and Thirst to swallow the world.


Then it kindles –


heating my heart like an ocean wave

streaming from my chest like a shining star.


The chasm consumed by the Blazing Flow.


The fire is water and the water is life –


a sapling grows in the street of the city

with healing leaves to make me whole.


But the River trickles from the throne of Fire.


My soul is a desert and my heart a wasteland –


blazing river flow within me

feed the sapling.


Let it grow.

By Jacques Rothmann