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Good Friday

I’m keenly aware of God today. Like a warm fire His presence has accompanied me since I left home today. With each breath I feel the joy of Him fill my chest as peace radiates from deep within me. When I stop to feel the fire in my soul it immediately gives rise to praise, and Spirit Songs well up in my gut and like a fountain flow from my throat. It was only during the course of this special morning that I became conscious of the significance of today. And while this makes the experience all the more special, it also reminds me that, thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus every day is Good and every day is Holy. God is not beyond us, He is closer than our very breath, and available to all who seek Him. Thank You Jesus.

Blazing River



I feel a fire within –


a spark ignites my heart

and floods my soul.


The Burning peace Engulfs my being.


But the flame flitters and fails –


an icy grate drains like a bottomless pit

choking ashes leave me panting.


With Cold and Thirst to swallow the world.


Then it kindles –


heating my heart like an ocean wave

streaming from my chest like a shining star.


The chasm consumed by the Blazing Flow.


The fire is water and the water is life –


a sapling grows in the street of the city

with healing leaves to make me whole.


But the River trickles from the throne of Fire.


My soul is a desert and my heart a wasteland –


blazing river flow within me

feed the sapling.


Let it grow.

By Jacques Rothmann